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Enjoy the Convenience of Semi-Permanent Makeup with Our Treatments in Aberdeen

Avoid the cost and time of applying makeup every day by choosing a semi-permanent makeup treatment from Lift. Also known as micropigmentation and microblading, our semi-permanent makeup treatments are a form of cosmetic tattooing that can last for up to several years. At our clinic in Aberdeen, we use treatments by Long-Time-Liner, a name that is synonymous with the finest semi-permanent makeup.

The treatment involves minute dots of pure, hypoallergenic pigment being inserted at high speed into the outer layer of the skin. This gives an effect that mimics the appearance of natural hair stroke brows, perfectly defined ‘liquid eyeliner’, and balanced, volumised lips infused with colour as well as other medical camouflage and correction effects.


With more than 20 years of permanent makeup experience and a presence in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia, Long-Time-Liner™ (LTL) is a name that has become globally synonymous with permanent makeup quality. The LTL system runs on a single acupuncture needle in a state-of-the-art digital pen device for the ultimate in precision. Full lip treatments can be completed in 45 minutes with minimal discomfort, and retouches done as soon as two weeks after the initial appointment, allowing for faster treatment completion and less discomfort.

Only organic and inorganic pigments are used, which are very skin friendly, using minimal ingredients to prevent allergies. All colours are according to the EU-produced resolution of 2008, as well as the extremely strict cosmetics and tattooing means decree of 07/2014 in Munich, and are tested by independent laboratories.

Klaudia, the lead therapist at Lift, uses the LTL system and believes, as is typical of German quality, its permanent makeup technology and training is the very best available. Further accolades won in November 2017 by LTL confirm this. For an astonishing 10th time, LTL were awarded 1st place in the Permanent Makeup and Area of Decorative Cosmetics for the Colours Pigments 2017 categories at the Beauty Forum Awards 2017.

Long-Time-Liner is at the forefront of semi-permanent makeup, and the results can be truly beautiful, enhancing what is naturally yours. How long your permanent makeup lasts depends on several factors, including how fair or dark you are, your general lifestyle, your skin type, and your exposure to the sun. While we will work to achieve the best result that we can for you, we would usually recommend colour boosts every 6 to 18 months. Some skins do retain pigments better than others, requiring fewer retouches. New treatments can take anything from 45 minutes to 2 hours, with a follow-up refresher treatment required. Without this, the colour will gradually fade over time. 

Not only are the effects totally bespoke to you, and tailored to your needs, but they are hugely effective in counteracting the effects of ageing and aim to make sure you always look fabulous. Your next step is to get in touch with Lift, and our therapists will be happy to discuss what we can do for you. The consultation is charged at £30, a fee that is redeemed against the cost of your first treatment.

Semi Permanent Make Up

  • Permanent Cosmetics Consultation (Redeemable against your first treatment)


  • Natural hair strokes


  • Powdered block colour effect


  • Scars in eyebrows covered


  • Eyeliner (bottom)


  • Eyeliner (top)


  • Eyeliner (top & bottom)


  • Lip liner


  • Lip liner with blush


  • Lip (blush)


  • Lips (full colour)


  • Beauty marks

    from £60.00

  • Colour retouch (per session - yearly)


  • Semi-Permanent Make Up Yearly Retouch


Brows Before

Brows After

Brows Before

Brows After

Brows Before

Brows After

Lips Before

Lips After

Lips Before

Lips After

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